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The Hemlock Nursery is located at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in East Tennessee. The moderate 8 month growing season combined with the rich mineral deposits of the area make it a great location for growing Eastern Hemlock. AKA (Canadian Hemlock) (Tsuga Canadensis)

We Only Use Seed from specially selected parent trees that have shown over the years to yield a superior seedling. When you also consider that we have twenty years experience with the Hemlock, then you begin to see why our selection is second to none.

The Eastern Hemlock is a highly versatile and resilient Evergreen that has become our favorite choice for almost any application. It is a fast growing tree that can live for 800 years or more. It is a hardy specimen that grows well in a variety of soils and lighting conditions. The Hemlock makes for a graceful ornamental plant, but can also be pruned into a beautiful hedge.

In the Links to the left, you will see not only our selection, but also some of the variety that can be achieved with this classic evergreen. Whether you are looking to grow a privacy fence or just want a small, weeping evergreen by the front door, the Hemlock can be shaped to suit your needs.



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